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2017 Postgraduate African Scholarships At AUA, Kenya

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The Adventist University of Africa is a Seventh-day Adventist university created for the purpose of providing post-graduate education throughout Africa.

This Institution is offering the Brempong Owusu-Antwi Scholarship program to Africans who wants to undergo a Postgraduate degree program at the Institution.


- Applicants must be Africans.

- Applicants must have completed their bachelors degree program.

- Applicants must have applied for a course of study at AUA.

- Applicants must not be a recipient of any other AUA scholarship for the year.

- Applicants must have a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.0 at the point of entry and would be expected to maintain no less that 3.0 CGPA throughout his/her studies.

Application Process

The The following are required during application:

- Completed Application Form

- One-page personal statement that demonstrates his/her need

- A letter of recommendation from the employing organization or the previous university or local Conference.

- An employee of the church organization should submit a documented evidence from the employee organization attesting to his/her financial status.

Applicants are advised to completely fill in an application form and submit to he registrar at [email protected] with copies to the two Deans [email protected] and [email protected] .

Application Deadline

The application deadline for this scholarship program is on 30th June 2017.

For More Information Visit The Scholarship Webpage
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