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Top Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students to Study In UK & Australia

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Do you want to Undergo a Bachelor degree in a UK or an Australian University? here are some compiled list of scholarships available for immediate application.

The deadline for these scholarships falls between January and March 2017

The available scholarships are as follows:

A. $5000 Arjen Ryder Memorial Undergraduate Scholarships At UWA, Australia.

This is a $5000 per annum scholarship and it is provided to students who has interest in Science and Philosophy.

Application Deadline: 31st March 2017.

B. Fully-Funded Undergraduate Scholarships At University College Of London.

This is a fully funded scholarship which is provided to outstanding International students.

Application Deadline: 10th February 2017

C. 2017 Simon & June Undergraduate Scholarships At Oxford University, UK

This scholarship program is awarded to students who have applied for a course of study at Oxford.

Application Deadline: 15th February 2017.

D. $2,000 Undergraduate Foundation Scholarships At CDU, Australia

This scholarship is provided to applicants who have enrolled in the Bachelor of Information Technology or the Bachelor of Software Engineering Honours. Interested applicants still have the chance to apply for this scholarship program.

Application Deadline: 3rd March 2017.

E. 100% Undergraduate & Postgraduate Scholarships At Monash University, Australia

Applications are invited for this scholarship program. it is very much open and available to International students. This scholarship program is offered annually.

Application Deadline: 15th March 2017

F. 2017 Vice Chancellor's Undergraduate Scholarships At Newcastle University

Over 255 people will be awarded this scholarship, so don't miss out.

Application Deadline: 28th February 2017

G. 2017 Bank Of England Internship + Undergraduate Scholarships At UK Universities

This scholarship is strictly for Africans, African American or Caribbean.

Application Deadline: 26th February 2017

H. $10,000 Undergraduate & Masters Scholarships At University Of Canberra, Australia.

This scholarship program is worth $10,000 and its awarded to suitable qualified applicants.

Application Deadline: February 24th, 2017.

NOTE: this scholarships is very much open and available to International students{Nigerians are welcomed to apply}

To see more local & international scholarships that you can easily qualify and apply for, click here


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