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2016 / 2017 NNPC/Total Undergraduate Scholarships For Nigerian Students Now Open

Posted: 25-Oct-2016 [09:43:06] into Undergraduate Scholarships | 46 Comments

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We are pleased to announce to you that the application for 2016/2017 NNPC/Total scholarships for Nigerian undergraduate students has commenced.

The Total scholarship Selection Test will be conducted on Saturday December 3, 2016, at eleven (11) Centers across the Country.

The following fields of study are eligible for this scholarship program:

- Accounting
– Agricultural Sciences
– Business Administration
– Banking & Finance
– Engineering
– Computer Sciences
– Environmental Sciences
– Pure and Applied Sciences
– Land & Quantity Surveying
– Law
– Medical Sciences


- Applicants must be a Registered FULL TIME undergraduate in a recognized Nigerian University.

- Applicants must be a certified 100 or 200 level student at the time of application.

- Applicants must have a 2.50 CGPA of 5-point scale, or equivalent.

- Applicants must have scored 200 and above in their UTME.

Application Process

Interested applicants should CLICK HERE to apply for this scholarship program.

The following documents are required when applying:

- Recent Passport Photograph

- Certificate or Proof of Origin

- Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (SSCE)

- UTME result (To obtain yours, click here)

- JAMB/University Admission Letter (To obtain yours, click here)

- 1st Year Result showing CGPA.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for this scholarship is on 13th November 2016.

For more information visit the official page
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Comments (46)
Please myschool, Can a just admitted 2016/2017 student apply?
25-Oct-2016 10:36:40 ·
babskorex; No u av nt even resume skul yt not to tlk if avn a cgpa
25-Oct-2016 13:25:07 ·
SANGUINE; some somebody said they can. what of if you've gotten ur Admission letter and you have other requirements except the CGPA?
25-Oct-2016 18:09:21 ·
babskorex; u CNT...I hope u can read and understand the info
26-Oct-2016 07:34:50 ·
asdfgh; O boy u can re u blind didnt u see 100lv nd 200lv dere sum pepl ehhh
Abg if ur skul has given u ur admission letter go nd apply
27-Oct-2016 10:27:13 ·
babskorex; when u won't patiently read Info's u just jump to conclusion... Applicants must have a 2.50 CGPA of 5-point scale, or equivalent in 1st Year Result showing CGPA.
28-Oct-2016 06:41:38 ·
SANGUINE; it is not a harm if i try.... Thanks all!
29-Oct-2016 00:41:43 ·
asdfgh; Rubbish my course already has scholarship nd he applied in 100lv for nnpc pls if ur admission letter is out apply ohh
29-Oct-2016 08:58:43 ·
babskorex; aiit proceed...when you see the form you understand better... got no time to trade words
29-Oct-2016 10:37:47 ·
macnino; pls oh, am in 200lvl and my 2nd semester result is not yet out, and so i only have GP and not CGPA. can i still apply?
31-Oct-2016 20:06:26 ·
Hope antai says;
Please i want to know if am eligible to apply for these scholarship because when my school did admission, they didn't use jamb. The jamb process began these year. During my time we purchased form from the school, wrote the entrance exams and did the medicals and those where successful, their names were shortlisted, but now i don't have the whole jamb info needed, can i apply?
25-Oct-2016 14:54:18 ·
SANGUINE; which school is that? MAN,Oron?
25-Oct-2016 18:05:53 ·
vicmaxy says;
Are medicine and pharmacy students eligible??? A friend told me that pharmacy and medicine students can register in any scholarship in Nigeria. Pls how true is that?
25-Oct-2016 19:39:42 ·
babskorex; yea medicine student are eligible
26-Oct-2016 07:40:51 ·
vicmaxy; I guess pharmacy students are not..
26-Oct-2016 08:28:25 ·
babskorex; yea
26-Oct-2016 09:19:00 ·
vicmaxy; Thanks a lot. This is simply the reason why students will complain of not being short listed after applying for a scholarship. I guess I have to wait for Agbami
26-Oct-2016 11:17:29 ·
adebisisneh; @babskorex,am a DE student,can I apply? the only 1st year result that I have is for my polytechnic so can I use it?
27-Oct-2016 09:12:18 ·
babskorex; am swi hs to be on a 5point scale and polytechnic is on 4 point scale
27-Oct-2016 09:25:47 ·
adebisisneh; No,the poly Ibadan is 5 scale
27-Oct-2016 14:00:27 ·
babskorex; dey don't see it dt only 4 university student am swi
28-Oct-2016 06:36:41 ·
badestgee; They said or equivalent. So if ure on upper credit it is synonymous to 2nd class upper. I figure u cld apply.. Only that once uve left the school and completed ur ND. You are no longer eligible.
02-Nov-2016 23:49:12 ·
courage1 says;
My first year result has not been uploaded online, it was pasted on the department's notice board.
Should I copy it on a paper, snap and then upload?
26-Oct-2016 05:21:13 ·
babskorex; no go to ur HOD..and gt a formal one
26-Oct-2016 07:39:16 ·
Itzjosh says;
Those it mean
that if you want to apply you will not just write Jamb you also have to wait for second semester for you to acquire your CGPA?
26-Oct-2016 10:53:55 ·
yakubu abraham yazah says;
i am a student of federal; poly mubi adamawa state
chemical engineering department.
does that mean im not eligible for the scholarship?
26-Oct-2016 13:42:16 ·
gyuseberka says;
i am unable to register for the scholarship,it sends me an activation link but when i use the link,it says the link is wrong, please help
27-Oct-2016 14:15:15 ·
Nobleking98 says;
I am poly student who just completed his IT APPLY.
27-Oct-2016 16:14:33 ·
macnino says;
please who has registered successfully pls
27-Oct-2016 21:38:41 ·
oscarlido1 says;
is the deadline really 13th or 4th which?
29-Oct-2016 10:37:54 ·
Merlceey says;
Wants to apply for the scholarship and I only have my first and second semester excluding my CGPA
01-Nov-2016 22:57:17 ·
TOPE.H says;
My school,pls wat of [coe)college of education student can we appiied?
02-Nov-2016 22:33:26 ·
ikechuk says;
Myschoolguys, pls i registered n was sent a link, It was from this link i should set my password but this leads to a username n password column n fròm d link given i just could not find d password.Evry pasword i try ìs rejected.Can anybody tell me d right tin 2 do?
05-Nov-2016 18:08:48 ·
afolability1; you already have a password. go to where you're suppose to input your password and click on forgot. that should help.
06-Nov-2016 15:17:52 ·
Etugo says;
pls I've not gotten my admission letter yet
07-Nov-2016 04:23:38 ·
SANGUINE; You will be asked to upload it. you need it.
07-Nov-2016 09:11:40 ·
nzube648 says;
pls what are the likely question
09-Nov-2016 12:37:30 ·

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