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£8,000 Skoll Scholarship Program At Oxford University, UK - 2017/2018

Posted: 08-Sep-2017 [13:30:19] into Post-Graduate Scholarships | 2 Comments

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The Skoll Scholarship is a competitive scholarship for incoming MBA students including Nigerians to the University of Oxford.

The Scholarship provides £8,000 funding which is over 3million Naira and exclusive opportunities to meet with world-renowned entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and investors.

This scholarship is provided to applicants who have chosen to work in social ventures rather than the purely commercial or public sectors.


- Applicants must demonstrate some evidence of their need for the Scholarship.

- Applicants must have started and grown a social venture that has been running for at least 3 years by the time they apply for the MBA, OR they have been responsible for leading a major expansion of an existing social venture or programme within a venture for 3 years by the time they apply for the MBA.

- Applicants must possess entrepreneurial leadership

- Applicants must be willing to take personal, and sometimes financial risks

- Applicants must be single-minded and persistent in pursuit of a social/economic benefit goal.

- Applicants must have the tendency to explore the environment for opportunities and resources.

Application Process

- Applicants should connect with Skoll scholarship in order to register their interest in the Scholarship and make sure they are kept up to date with announcements about upcoming deadlines.

- Applicants should visit this link to apply

To learn more about what is expected under each entry requirement, please visit the application requirements page

Application Deadline

The MBA Application Deadline is as follows
- Stage 1 = 29 September 2017
- Stage 2 = 05 January 2018
- Stage 3 = 16 March 2018
- Stage 4 = 11 May 2018

For more information visit the official page
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Ftc Oo😹😹
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CHIMAJ says;
Very nice
27-Jul-2017 06:11:06 ·

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