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NNPC/AGIP Scholarship Application for 2013: How to apply

Posted: 26-Jan-2013 [12:17:22] into Scholarships | 14 Comments

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Nigerian Agip Oil Company Limited (NAOC) Joint Venture in pursuance of its Community Development Programme invites suitably qualified candidates for its 2012/2013 Tertiary Institutions Scholarship Awards Scheme.

a. Host Communities Merit Award: For applicants strictly from NAOC host communities.
b. National Merit Award: For applicants from non-host communities.

To qualify for consideration applicants MUST be:
a. Registered FULL TIME undergraduates in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions.
b. Certified 100 level students at the time of application.

NOTE: The following categories of students should NOT apply:
a. 200 level students and above.
b. Current beneficiaries of similar awards from other companies and agencies.
c. Dependants of employees of NAOC, AENR and NAE.

Only indigenes of NAOC host communities in Bayelsa, Delta, Imo and Rivers states SHOULD apply for the Host Communities Merit Award.

Only candidates studying Engineering, Geology and Geosciences are eligible for the National Merit Award.

To qualify for consideration applicants must complete their online application and verify their application details on or before 17th February 2013.

All applicants for Host Communities Merit Award MUST attach current (2013–2014) Letters of Identification duly signed by:
• the current (2013) Chairman and Secretary of his/her CDC.
• bona-fide traditional/paramount ruler of the community; and,
• the current (2013) Local Government Chairman or the Secretary.

An Aptitude Test for the applicants in both Categories of Award will be conducted at the following centers:
Port Harcourt

NOTE: Candidates are to fully bear the cost of transportation to and from the Aptitude Test center.

Applications must not be made after the the deadline February 17th, 2013

For more information, please refer to Application Website.
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Comments (14)
Pheeto says;
pls guys is der any oder doc appart from jamb adm letter dat i can upload for evidence of adms?
26-Jan-2013 18:23:12 ·
viktallbay says;
i cant upload if i press d upload button nothing happens. Pheeto: if your skul as a clearance certificate i think u can use dat too, though d admission letter is better
27-Jan-2013 22:01:20 ·
edi4goal29; Pls can I apply I just gain admission this session and my school have not clear us is it possible?
28-Jan-2013 14:59:46 ·
chukstar says;
i cant upload ma document. Plz do sumfin.
29-Jan-2013 06:48:55 ·
chuckstar258 says;
i cant upload ma document.
29-Jan-2013 06:52:29 ·
Godwinjustin says;
Plz,wotz d site u can visit 2get dix info 1st hand? n also,der's only space 4 1 document,wer wud we upload d rxt?
29-Jan-2013 21:11:44 ·
The Infoscope says;
For now there are still issues with the site... you can not upload your documents now, simply wait till it is rectified by dragnet.
29-Jan-2013 23:00:48 ·
Xo wotz d site name?
30-Jan-2013 08:29:42 ·
The Infoscope says;
You can now start applying, The issue has been resolved,
visit to apply
30-Jan-2013 08:58:23 ·
lovechezzy; Mr man,sowi pls wat abt those dat deir skul hasnt given matric number yet nd id cards,nd as 4 d letter of identifications,ma own state does not use chairman 4 local govt bt rather dey use thier autonomous rulers,dats imo state,so hw can i apply wif out all dis fings,cus its not our fault pls reply.
09-Feb-2013 13:44:06 ·
Can candidates studing chemistry apply?
30-Jan-2013 14:27:01 ·
Noblevanessa says;
Can polytechnic students apply
30-Jan-2013 16:31:18 ·
Polytech can apply as fa as u av admixion leta....tnx guys 4d info,i luv dix 1 last questn,can chemistry students apply?
30-Jan-2013 20:06:36 ·
joejo says;
Can I apply without havin a matriculation letter
02-Feb-2013 12:52:38 ·

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